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What is ScoreFlippers

ScoreFlippers is integrated cloud based software written by gym managers, coaches, parents, judges and athletes to simplify Gymnastics Events, Scoring, Classes and Meet Registration.

Founded in 2009, we've grown into a world-class software solution. We provide a robust secure experience to help simplify your business operations and the sport of gymnastics.

Our software is used by over 9000+ gyms including 25,000+ Athletes and we've logged millions and millions of scores.

Explore our software family today to see what we can simplify for you.

Our Story

ScoreFlippers was founded by Justin & Kristin Bickler. As proud parents of gymnasts, we started this company that has revolutionized gymnastics meets, scoring, statistics and now Classroom Registration and Meet Registration.

Justin, Kristin, coaches, volunteers and numerous gymnastics judges have been friends for years working side by side at hundreds of competitions. Together this partnership has flourished into an efficient and simple, ready-to-use application for managing thousands of athletes and millions of scores.

Justin's 25+ years of technology experience combined with Kristin's entrepreneur spirit has lead to a powerful system that engages millions of fans each gymnastics season.

The planning has worked out and we continue to work with over 1000 meets a year and thousands of proud athletes, parents, coaches and judges. Thank you to everyone who has added ideas and influenced our vision!

We'd love to hear your feedback or work with you at the next event. Please reach out to us at anytime.

Justin & Kristin Bickler

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