Class Management

Manage Classes, Students & Payments
Custom Class Pricing Options
Tailored to Include Your Fundrasiers
Built-in Communication Tools
Financial Reporting & Analytics
Family & Coach Portal
Gym Family Reports

Start Today

Step #1 - Create a FREE Account
Step #2 - Email
---> Your Gym (School) Information
---> Your Student Enrollment Stats
---> Why you are interested
Step #3 - We'll Review and Contact You

Pricing: Free for your Gym, Fee on each Registration

Athlete & Meet Scoring

Simple Athlete, Association & Team Registration
Athlete Profiles & Statistics
Host Gymnastics Meets
Powerful Scoring Solution
Realtime Scoring / Fan Portal & Scoreboards
Wireless Score Entry & Event Scoreboards
Centralized Statistics & Leaderboard

Want to Sign-up?

Step #1 - Create a FREE Account
Step #2 - Email us:
--> Include Your Email / Gym / Region/Section/Conference
Step #3 - We'll Review & Assign Your Rights
Step #4 - Purchase a Season License
Step #5 - You Register Teams, Athletes & Host a Meet

3 Price Models: Association / Season / Pay-As-You-Score

Meet Coordination

Build Association Sanctioned Meets
Coach / Parent Registration Portal
Manage Athletes & Waivers
Unlimited Gymnasts and Coaches
Financial Reports & Analytics
Accept Credit Card and ACH Payments
Export Line-ups to any format
Combine with INSIGHT Scoring easily

Pricing: Free for your Gym, Fee on each Registration
More Geeky Details: ENGAGE, INSIGHT and MEET GENIE are custom cloud-based software built to manage Athletes, Associations and Gymnastics Events. We integrate the rules into the build.

Features include Athlete Registration Process, Class Management, Secure Payment Processing, Real-Time Scoring, Athlete Stats, INSIGHT Analysis, Meet Management, Rankings and Tournaments.

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