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Our Goal for INSIGHT Host & Scoring, ENGAGE and Meet Genie is to present an efficient and productive process to organize large groups of athletes into a stream-lined Gymnastics experience. This includes the fans, the coaches, staff, volunteers and athletes.

We offer these services as part of ScoreFlipper's software suite. Our software is presented via a secure platform subject to the Terms and Conditions of the organization offerring the event.

Bad behavior or illegal attempts will be prosected. Your actions on the site are tracked, logged and will be prosecuted if needed.

Rules for you - The Customer:

Credit Card Authorizations Handled by our Payment Gateway
When submitting a credit card payment for a Registration, Late, Alternate, or Petition registration, your card may put a $ hold on your account for validation purposes. We know - you don't like it, we don't like it - but it's not our choice.

This charge will automatically be removed ASAP by the merchant processor. We must confirm your card at the time you submit your order. This hold is placed so the Meet Manager can review and approve your request.

Declined ACH (Check) Transactions, NSF's and Banking Fees
In the event your ACH transaction is declined due to insufficient funds, or any other reason, you will be charged a $30.00 processing fee and the transaction will be resubmitted with this new amount.

If you still don't have the money and things are declined again, your transaction will be voided and you will be notified.
We might even mark your account ineligible if you're a repeat offender. It's not fun for you and it's expensive for both of us.

INSIGHT PRO Memberships
INSIGHT PRO is a Membership Fan Experience renewable on a monthly or annual basis. You can cancel anytime by visiting your INSIGHT My Account page.

MEET GENIE: Deposits to your Meet's Bank Account
Deposits to Meet Managers (Club's) for registrations, changes or other items collected, less any service fees due to ScoreFlippers, are made once:

1) Meet GENIE: A} The accrued amount due reaches $5,000.00 OR B} Weekly Deposits are reconciled based on what's been deposited from the payments submitted. ACH Payments can take 10 days to be presented into the merchant account.
2) Meet GENIE: Final disbursements are made post-meet. 20% of the Amount due is held until the meet is completed. This amount covers customer "Charge-Backs", NSF's or Refund amounts.
3) ENGAGE: On agreed upon frequency, typically Weekly. Money is directly deposited if club has own Merchant Account.
4) INSIGHT Host: As agreed upon per Single-Meet License, Season License or League contract.
5) Event Manager / Customer is responsible for any transfer charges incurred.

Order Confirmation
If you do not receive a confirmation after submitting payment information, or if you find issues with the process after submitting registration or $$$ details, tell us.

We don't know what your doing or having challenges with unless you tell us. If you are unsure of a final order, please contact your meet manager.

Payment Methods
We process via PayPal or PaySimple Business Merchant Services. What ever way they accept money, we accept money.

We are not authorized to approve refunds on behalf of the Registrations, Classes, Events or Organizations. You'll have to work it out with the League, Club, Class Manager or Meet Manager. ScoreFlippers Service Fees and Merchant Processing Transaction Charges are non-refundable.

Service Fees
Orders processed on our sites may be subject to a service charge to you. We will disclose what we know. No secrets or secret charges. You'll see the amounts at the time of check-out.

Who You Are Buying From
We make Meets, Classes and Registrations happen for our Customers. These are not our meets, scores or classes, so if discussion or discrepancy, please visit with the host gym. We'll be fair if there's a failure to process on our side, however, we are not liable for Internet Connections, Device Issues, Technology Failures, Acts of God, Bad user behavior, Customer, Host, Gym, Class Manager or Meet Manager mistakes, pricing changes, promises, or IOU's. Anything else, we are here to help, but we don't control the meet hosts or gym's money.

Rules updated 6/18/2023
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